This project was originally created in 2017 under the moniker “The Colorado PA,” pretty creative right? After considering the possibility of someday wanting to reach a broader audience, I changed the name to “Page the PA.” I wanted a name that was clever, engaging, and offered insight to what I am hoping to accomplish with this project which is to: advocate for the PA profession, offer perspective into the life of one PA student/PA, and to give me a space for creativing and sharing with others.

To be totally fair, this project was born partially out of boredom – to break up the monotony of sitting in PA didactic lectures for up to eight hours at a time. Perhaps there was a touch of subconscious effort to fight back against our broken education system and raise awareness to promote positive change buried in there as well. Mostly, this entity was founded to quench my need for creative expression through writing, photography, and filmmaking.

When I started, there wasn’t a whole lot of information on the interwebz about PAs apart from a handful of blogs and YouTube influencers [I’m looking at you Andrea Benedict. 😉 ] I figured why not contribute and help build the body of knowledge about PAs to help inform the community and future PA hopefuls. It would be a great way to exercise my creative brain and hopefully provide me with a therapeutic outlet amidst the rigors of PA school.

I warmly invite you to visit this page and my social media channels frequently as I am continually posting educational content, offering perspective on current & hot topics in medicine, and doing my part to strengthen the bonds that tie us together as a medical community.

with love,
Stephen aka PagethePA